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The Club Championship this season has been changed to a new format. Four groups of five club members have been drawn with no seeding and within each group each member will play every other, with colours pre-arranged, to find four group winners. These matches will be arranged and played by the members themselves and groups will be completed by 30 April 2020. The group winners will then form the semi-final and final rounds of the competition with the final winner being declared the Club Champion. The objective is to give more members more competitive games. The pairings have been declared and matches will be played with the Summer Cup rules rates of play.

While club members continue to enjoy the regular Monday evening social games, the competitive league season has started. In their quest to regain promotion to Division 1 in the Edinburgh Leagues, the first team drew their first match against Civil Service 2 albeit with a depleted team. Several of our stronger members are not available till after Christmas, however both our stand-in players for this match from lower teams won their games which gave us our first point for the draw.

The first match for the second team in Division 3 was against a strong team, Bank of Scotland 3, just relegated from a higher division resulting in a loss 1½ to 4½. However in the same division the third team in their first match defeated the very dangerous Tiger Cubs by 4 to 2, a very creditable performance.

In our first matches in the SNCL although we had out a strong team we unfortunately lost both morning and afternoon matches last Sunday but there is still a long way to go in this league.

The most recent match on Monday saw the second team pitted against the third team in division 3 and it proved to be a very close and tough match with the second team only prevailing by 3 1/2 to 2 1/2.

Details of all these matches have been reported by the Club Secretary and have been circulated via email.